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External Wall Insulations

Increasing the amounts of insulation in the external walls and roof of a house will improve its energy efficiency and comfort.  There are a number of recognised methods for increasing insulation in external walls, one of which is insulating externally.Most commonly known as External Thermal Insulating Composite Systems (ETICS), but also referred to as External Wall Insulation (EWI), or External  Insulating Finishing Systems (EIFS), external insulation involves fixing insulating materials such as expanded polystyrene slabs or mineral wool to the outer surface of the walls of a house, usually with a special adhesive and metal or plastic fixings. 

A base coat embedded with a reinforcing fiberglass mesh is applied to this insulation, and this is then covered with a final finishing render to provide weather resistance.  


 There are currently a number of different external insulation systems with different component materials being marketed throughout UK. 
It is important that the system used is an approved system and that the installer is an approved installer.

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